E&R Vacuum Coaters


                      R&D and Pilot Vacuum R2R Web Coater
Incorporates ability to install multiple vacuum based deposition coating modules from leading vendors
o Sputter
o Electron Beam
o Thermal Evaporation
o Remote RF Plasma
o Reactive Ion etch
o HiPiMS (High Power Impulse magnetron sputtering)
o PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition)
o ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition)
Capable of  handling most types of flexible substrates up to 500mm wide i.e. Films, Flexible Glass, PET, PI, PEN, etc., Foils
Variable web paths as standard , In contact , Non-contact, interleaving etc.
Additional options to offer a tailored flexible solution  which can be added to at a later date as platform is  both PLC and service prepared.
Plug and play on site the machine will be fully tested before dispatch and container friendly.

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